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Spirits Craft Magic School

Welcome to SpiritsCraft Magic School.

Registrations the following courses are now open at Patreon:

Advanced Magic 101: Sounds like a joke doesn’t it? 101 means the basics and those aren’t advanced. And really they shouldn’t be, but the way books teach the basics is superficial, missing many of the pieces and don’t give you the background and training you need to have a complete practice. This monthly course will fill you in on the hardest easy parts of magic including:

Belief, many people despite many testimonials and their own minor successes with spell work do not actually believe in magic. We will fully explore belief in magic so you can satisfy the skeptic in you.

Meditation, so many people give up on meditation for any number of good reasons! For intelligent, creative, energetic or people with pain this is a near impossible task to just dismiss their thoughts until they are meditating, yet those are the very kind of people who have been sorcerers for millennia! We will restore key practices to meditation that quiet the mind and body so you can focus with ease.

Astral Travel, so you are just supposed to close your eyes and go where you want, viola! Some of us feel firmly planted in our bodies, and others are a little scared of letting go. Ultimately most people do not even know the purpose or techniques of astral travel. Books make it sound like mere imagination, but there is so much more to it. We will focus on all the pieces of spirit flight rather than just on visualization.

Lost in plain sight magic. Magic as it is taught today contains only a small percentage of the whole practices. We will look at how and why many of these practices were lost and how to restore them to our practices to complete the package so our magic can actually affect the outside world and not be stuck in our heads.