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Spirits Craft Magic School


Audiobook Resources

Posted by spiritscraft on August 15, 2016 at 5:00 PM

I am stuck in the car a lot, driving to my part-time job, to my boyfriends, to my coven meetings and to my mentoring sessions. I can be in the car over two hours a day, and I can tell you I have grown tired of the current offerings of all the major types of music stations country, hip hop, rock, oldies, and pop. I decided to feed my mind instead of hearing the same songs over again so I first started buying audio books, but then I discovered a secret, there are tons of free occult audiobooks on Librivox!

I got the Librivox app for my phone so I can listen anywhere, but these same websites let you save files so that you could burn them to CD for your car stereo or walkman, or even listen to them at home on your computer or tablet. This is just a smattering of what is available, but be aware that searching the site is challenging. I use the advanced search and try tons of different keywords: occult, mystic, hermetic, celtic, mythology, legend, theosophy, magic, Rosicrucian, astral, etc.


The Kybalion

The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley 

Elementary Theosophy by LW Rogers 


British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions Mysticism by Wirt Sikes 

Bullfinch’s Mythology the Age of Fable 

The Celtic Twilight by WB Yeats 

The Ramayan 


The Golden Bough by James Frazer 

Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves by a Highland Seer 

Cuban Folk Lore by Roy Terwilliger 

A caution when listening to or reading books that are old enough to be in the public domain as many have out of date information or suffer from the racist ideologies of the time. Terms like primitive, savage, and concepts of “karma” and “evolution” should be heavily scrutinized as to take what is the best of the ideas and discard the prejudiced ones.

Enjoy and be sure to comment with treasures you have found on librivox or other audiobook sites.


Categories: Astral Travel, Grimoires, Divination

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